There’s never been a better time to become a member of Tifereth Israel Synagogue! In recent years, there has been renewed energy, enthusiasm, investment, and pride in our congregation.

Our synagogue renovation is complete.  We have achieved our dream of worshiping, celebrating, and enjoying time together in a newly improved modern, vibrant facility.

We now have a splendid group of families with young children and our programming for families has never been better.  You’ll see kids frolicking in the synagogue during Adon Olam and attending YAD Shabbat Services.

Our worship services continue to be revitalized with new ideas, new tunes and innovative sermons from our rabbi (only Rabbi Edelman-Blank could incorporate Lady Gaga into his drash).

Inventive adult education classes are being offered by clergy, congregants, and community members.

At Tifereth, clergy will greet you by name, get to know you, offer the occasional “high-five,” as well as support and care for you in times of need. Members of the Tifereth community are warm, welcoming, and eager to spend time together in prayer, in celebration, in contemplation, and in sorrow.  More and more members are contributing time, resources, and skills to continue Tifereth’s exciting revitalization.

We invite you to join us and make Tifereth Israel Synagogue your spiritual home.

Welcome home.

For additional information about becoming a member of Tifereth Israel, contact our Executive Director, Barbara Berven, via phone at 515.255.1137 or via e-mail at Thank you.