Weekday Minyan


Weekday minyanim are your opportunity to start your days off davening and to connect with your community!

By joining us in morning prayers, you also perform a needed service for your community by showing support for congregants who are observing a yahrzeit for someone they love. Without your help and the help of other committed congregants, we lose the ability to fully observe these important occasions! Join us and help your Tifereth friends and family honor those who are no longer with us.

Our weekday minyan meets once a week: Tuesday morning 7:15am

The weekday service usually runs at around 30 minutes.

We are always happy to arrange a minyan for other days, by special request. To request an additional minyan, please contact the office at 515-255-1137 or office@tifereth.org.

Are you interested in serving the community by being a minyan regular? Can we contact you when we have special requests to ensure a minyan is present, or on those occasions when an additional minyan is requested? If so, please contact the office and let us know — and know that you have our thanks.