We are a transformational force. We are committed to social justice, to repairing our world, to making the broken whole again, and to seeing and redeeming the spark of divine fire in the heart of every person.


We are the foundation for your search. We are here to help you (re)connect to Judaism in whatever ways are most meaningful to you at this moment in your life.


We are a caring and engaging family. We support each other in word and deed, fostering an open atmosphere in which all forms of Judaism and levels of observance are able to thrive side-by-side.


We are a sacred community. We come together to celebrate the heritage of our ancestors, express our modern Jewish identity, and create a vibrant and dynamic future for ourselves and our children.


We are unique Jewish souls. We each follow our own path, seeking to become the Jews we want to be. We honor diversity in all its forms, welcoming interfaith families, same-sex couples, and people of all cultural backgrounds.